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The Retreat is a three-day event that features academic lectures focused on various aspects of our heritage, as well as social events that allow young Sindhis to connect and socialize with approximately 100-200 participants; and takes place annually over a weekend between Memorial Day Weekend and the end of July. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet, mix, and mingle the brightest young Sindhi adults around!

We have hosted Retreats in Atlanta, Vancouver, Washington DC, Toronto, San Francisco, Houston, Boston, Chicago, Southern California, South Florida, Charlotte and Philadelphia. Each of our Retreats is developed and managed by a local Host Committee --- empowering and allowing young Sindhi adults in the community to take ownership of the event, as well as foster leadership and community service.

Each Retreat starts with an Opening Cocktail Reception Friday night, and ends with a Closing Banquet on Sunday evening. A ‘night out on the town’ is coordinated for Saturday night, allowing participants to experience the best our host city has to offer. It’s not uncommon for participants to come in a day or two before the Retreat and / or stay over a day or two after the Retreat.

During the day on Saturday and Sunday, we conduct sessions focused on our language, history, heritage and community that feature guest speakers, including professors in the academic world, authors and experts in subject matter relevant to us, along with YSA members. For us - the program sessions are the core of the Retreat because they parallel our ‘Connect - Learn - Share’ mission. Here are some examples of sessions from previous Retreats:

  1. Sindh

  2. Partition

  3. Language & Literature

  4. Heritage & Identity in Diaspora

  5. Social Issues

  6. Religion

  7. Food

  8. Health & Fitness


Our New Year’s Eve Celebration is a single day event that piggybacks on the closest weekend, and is more social and much smaller in nature than the Retreat. It allows young Sindhis to connect and socialize with each other in an informal setting with approximately 50 others. We’ve held our New Year’s Eve Celebrations in San Diego, Miami, Tampa and Las Vegas.

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